Mosaic 1.2.6 Management for Mac 2020 Free

Mosaic 1.2 Simple Window Management for Mac

Description:Mosaic Simple Window Management for Mac

Mosaic is a powerful and professional window manager. It can easily reposition and resize MacOS applications and will produce multiple windows into tools. It is very simple to use this application. After completing the settings (allowing the access permission of the application to allow placement and sizing), grab any application window and drag it to a dialog box at the top of the screen. Just drag your cursor in a size option, and boom, the application is fully positioned.

Splicing grid menu

As a patch, I personally adjusted this setting, so the options key must also be pressed before the dialog box appears. Adjusting these settings to better adapt to your needs is a good mosaic.

Other options, such as “click and select”, allow keyboard shortcuts to present the layout selector of the currently active application. It also allows quick access to custom layout, where you choose a grid size application. This rapid customization is very interesting and is also useful for larger window applications, such as Web browsers.

Mosaic Management for Mac

Mosaic layout menu

The variation between mosaic and built-in MacOS is another great advantage of 3, 4, 5 ability. Finally, the designation of more applications is not overlapping or needs to swipe a card through space in a suitable space. In a huge 27 “5K iMac, it is actually available. The great honor was the pillar of the apple.

Another important feature of the mosaic is the ability to create a custom layout. For me, the first thing I did was to be right, a three-piece of layout information, and slack (because I often rebounded, three when I didn’t do the actual work).

Mosaic Management for Mac

Mosaic 3 Application Layout

I also installed one for work, especially to set a browser to 72% screen (5/7), and ~ 28% for my remote desktop client (2/5). Making this layout match and adding it to my group menu may save me 30 minutes in the past month (I mentioned this is a compulsive thing to me).

Other important functions of the mosaic including fast positioning options (mobile applications or any party, and no adjustment angle display screen) shooting selection window options and save it to your desktop (or whatever you choose), or grab screenshots and copy the image to the shear plate. These “extra” functions are great power user tools, very convenient (at least for me).

Mosaic fast grid

I find that the only missing function at present is what I want developers to add, which is an automatic arrangement, which puts all currently active applications in a predetermined location. This will save the steps of clicks and be dragging, and enable a simple keyboard shortcut or click the mouse to move all my applications to the specified location.


Mosaic is an enjoyable utility that solves a problem I don’t know to solve. Let me spend less time and more time to work on the actual work to improve my efficiency on my computer. When I used it more and more, I found that when I was on a computer that was not my computer, I would miss it. As a third-party application, it feels like a part of the local, and I can only imagine it getting better from here!

Mosaic Simple Window Management for Mac

Mosaic Management for Mac


  • In favor of the opinion:
  • Custom layout template
  • Easy to use
  • Screen capture and fast layout
  • Deception


  • No automatic layout function (not yet)

What is new:

  • Compatibility of MacOS 10.13 high Sierra
  • Various minor errors repair
  • Delete all references to decommissioned subscription services
  • Small patching of French localization

Requirement: OSX 10.11 +

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Mosaic Management for Mac
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